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The "I" in Win

Elite leaders relentlessly seek unique angles to make their team or organization the best. Hosted by Luke Mertens, an experienced teacher and coach, The "I" in Win weekly podcast interviews coaches, educators, and other leaders who have instituted an overlooked but simple strategy to achieve success: personal connections. Our guests have accomplished more, both personally and professionally, by focusing on making better people. They will share how our listeners will benefit by obsessing less on outcomes and more on the journey of changing lives.These inspiring stories of positivity are rooted in the belief that every “I”ndividual has value, regardless of talent level, and the more ‘I’s we impact in this world, the more everyone wins….that is The “I” in Win!New episodes released every Tuesday.

Recent Episodes

Racing, Chasing, & Timing | Brad Fortney

March 28, 2023

S2 #21. Thanks for listening to episode 21 of season two on The "I" in Win podcast . This episode features, Brad Fortney , who is the performance and wellness coach for Enterprise City Schools District in Alabama. In additio…

Not Letting A Medical Diagnosis Determine My Future | Vinnie Panico

March 21, 2023

S2 #20. This episode is a little unique as it tells the story of Vinnie Panico, who in 2017 suffered a catastrophic knee injury during a football game his junior season. An injury so severe that doctors focused on saving his…

Providing Big-Time Experiences | Terry Harrison

March 14, 2023

S2 #19. Season 2 of The "I" in Win continues with today's guest, Terry Harrison , who is the Head Football Coach at Friends University located in Wichita, Kansas. Coach Harrison has developed a reputation of rebuilding prog…

The Process of Improving Sports Performance | Leo Watkins

March 7, 2023

S2 #18. Welcome to The "I" in Win , the show that focuses on why leaders should focus less on outcomes and more on the journey of changing lives. Thanks for continuing to help grow the show, and please share it with those wh…

Elevating Athletes to Physical & Mental Mastery | Tyler Plantz

Feb. 28, 2023

S2 #17. Thanks for listening to The "I" in Win , the podcast that shares why leaders will benefit by obsessing less on outcomes and more on the journey of changing lives. Today I'm featuring head football coach at Providence…

Being Demanding Without Being Demeaning | Scott Goolsby

Feb. 21, 2023

S2 #16. Pumped to introduced today's guest, Scott Goolsby , Defensive Coordinator at Auburn High School in Alabama. Coach Goolsby has 23 years experience as a teacher/coach, with the last 10 years being at Auburn. In additi…