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March 3, 2023

Being Demanding Without Being Demeaning | Scott Goolsby

S2 #16. I was so excited to record this episode with Scott Goolsby, PE Teacher/Defensive Coordinator at Auburn High School in Alabama. Coach Goolsby has 23 years experience as a teacher/coach. In addition to being named top assistant coach in the state of Alabama multiple times, Coach has turned himself into somewhat of a Twitter sensation with his video parodies of football coaches, which connected me to Coach Goolsby as well.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. How experience evolves a coach
    • Many coaches focus on the W/L when first starting their career; however, experience will teach coaches what the profession is really all about - the athletes.
  2. Being demanding without being demeaning
    • Have clearly communicated standards and hold athletes accountable. Athletes rarely respond positively to yelling, degrading, or the hard a** coach. Standards, not rules & punishments, help build culture.
  3. Importance of telling kids you love them
    • A coach telling his/her athletes, "I love you" is human and needed; more importantly, it may be the only time that athlete hears those words.