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Feb. 17, 2022

Episode 27: Educating Students to Speak Honestly, Think Sincerely, and Act With Integrity

I have found Twitter to be a phenomenal networking and professional development tool, which led to me Greg Koenig. Although he is the newly named Head Football Coach at Bennett High School (Bennett, CO), Coach Koenig is not new to education, boasting 32 years of teaching and coaching experience, 21 years as head football coach, and a Master's Degree in Positive Coaching from the University of Missouri. Click here to listen to this episode.

My main takeaways:

  • What we reward gets repeated: Teachers/coaches need to reward positive behaviors 
  • Coaches have a huge responsibility to mold players the right way, to teach the values of the community, so when the players leave the program, they're giving back to the community by being great workers, spouses, and parents
  • Educators need to intentionally model the behaviors in addition to teaching the intended culture
  • Mental toughness:
    • Maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity
    • Not losing enthusiasm even though setbacks are inevitable
    • Being resilient through the process
  • "If we never face adversity, we don't know who we could be and what we should be" CLICK TO TWEET

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