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March 14, 2022

Episode 30: Creating a Successful Path Using Athletics w/Brennan Spain

As if being a first-time head coach isn't tough enough, Brennan Spain was named Head Football Coach at Cardinal Ritter College Prep (St. Louis, MO) in the midst of a global pandemic. How has Coach Spain's teams responded? With back-to-back trips to the MO State Semifinals. This year, the Lions have their sights set on winning a state championship.

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My main takeaways:

  • As we move back to normalcy, do not underestimate the mental & physical toll the pandemic has had on both students and teachers
  • Vital to have balance - attack inside the classroom like we attack inside those white lines
  • There's value in allowing young people to just vent sometimes (and listen to what they have say!)
  • Televising D2/D3 athletics will help high school athletes understand there are more options than simply D1
  • Encourage young athletes to find their own niche
  • You can't get full looking at somebody else's plate
  • Coaches show athletes what it takes to be successful in the real world, so when the ball does goes flat, our athletes will be mentally/physically strong, while gaining a competitive edge