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May 7, 2022

Episode 38: How to Live by Design

Episode 38 is a special one that will hopefully have you will walk away feeling more positive and motivated to finding your best version. This episode features Rob Cressy who is a coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. More than anything Rob is a positive force for good, which is glaringly evident throughout this recording as we discuss many topics, such as mental toughness, seeking out discomfort, living a life by design, and why we need our process to be easy, simple, fun.

I tried something new this week by not only adding my main takeaways, but also including a link to a timestamp in the episode to enable you to listen specifically to the talking point. Just click on the time listed below to listen (praying it works!).

  • 3:36 - Nothing great comes from your comfort zone, so get comfortable being uncomfortable
  • 9:06 - Living a holistic life by design will help create balance in life
  • 16:00 - Use declarations, rather than affirmations, to speak the version of "you" into existence
  • 20:31 - Athletes will stay focused on the process if it's easy to understand, simple, and fun
  • 28:30 - Is social media just self-promoting? If you have something inside of you that can help even one person, it is your duty to share it with the world
  • 34:50 - Belief in yourself is pivotal to finding success