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June 22, 2022

Episode 43: Hiring & Supporting Great People

#43. This episode features Chris Fore, a veteran educator, athletic director and football coach from Southern California. Coach Fore currently serves as the principal at the Palmdale Aerospace Academy (Palmdale, CA). He's also authored three books, been featured in numerous publications, and since all of that is not enough to occupy his time, he also operates two websites.

My takeaways (Reminder: click on the timestamp). 

  • 1:46 - Balance is important, but so is finding something you love
  • 5:44 - Invest in honing your craft, which typically leads to other opportunities
  • 8:58 - Great people make great organizations, and those great people need to be supported 
  • 20.09 - Servant leadership is the only way
  • 28:03 - Kids need to be reminded of school norms 
  • 34:07 - When interviewing, know more about the job than the interview panel