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Nov. 23, 2022

Season 2, Episode 2: +1Be5 w/Tayler Erbach

Season 2 continues with a guests I've known for years. He's gone from my coaching adversary to trusted assistant, and most importantly, a great friend. His name is Tayler Erbach, a former high school teacher who is now coaching adults on the importance of physical fitness as a Director of Operations at Manduu. In this episode, we discuss Manduu's unique footprint in the physical fitness industry, the difference between motivating teenagers vs. adults, and why he believes regardless of the industry, people, service and happiness make the difference. 

My takeaways:

  • Personal fitness is easy to push aside, which is why we have so many health issues in our country 
  • Intrinsic motivation is much more powerful than extrinsic
  • Continually show what can be attained to help motivation
    • "Every day, every chance that you get, you need to be showing where things can go, whether you're leading a team of trainers, which I'm doing now, or you're leading a high school girls basketball team.  Every day, you need to show them where we can go, how we get there and where we can continue to go."
  • People want to feel connection. They want a good relationship. They want an experience where they are treated properly.
  • +1Be5 = 
    • "+1" is going the extra mile
    • "Be5" is harkening back to when we were 5. Five-year-olds celebrate everything, and so should we because those little victories really become the most important ones when they stack up on top of each other.