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May 21, 2022

Episodes 39 & 40 Featuring Two HOF Coaches

Episodes 39 and 40 features two Hall of Fame coaches, who are very much grounded in the same educational philosophies and standards, which is why I decided to combine my notes from each episode into one email. Reminder: if you click on the timestamp, you'll be linked to that talking point in the episode. 

Episode 39 features Michael DiMatteo who is an author, blogger, teacher, and coach

  • 4:20 - Although coaching has changed, developing relationships involving discipline and standards remains constant
  • 8:42 - Great coaches are great teacher, and in order to be successful, head coaches need supportive administrators who allow the HC some autonomy in hiring teachers/coaches
  • 14:05 - Days off are just as important as days on
  • 35:40 - Every single day, we have the opportunity to impact somebody positively. Teachers/coaches may be the only positive force in a kid's life for that day, for that moment, for that week. That's all the motivation we need!

Episode 40 features John Belskis who is a teacher and head football coach

  • 1:23 - Regardless of public or private, schools need to make both their academic and athletic programs attractive to get buy-in today
  • 9:29 - Challenges of being a head coach continue to change, so we have to adapt to the times
  • 17:26 - What does it take to get to the championship level?
  • 20:51 - Changing culture involves raising everyone's expectations (admin, coaches, teachers, athletes, parents, etc)
  • 30:09 - Focus on the process, not the prize - Michael Jordan