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Brad Fortney

Attend Antioch Community High School competing in football and track. Continued my education and athletic career at Carthage College competing in both football and track. I Spent my first 6 years of coaching football, basketball, track, strength & conditioning at Kenosha, Bradford, along with teaching special education. I spent one year at Lakes Community High School coaching football and teaching special education. After that I moved down to Enterprise, Alabama to be an assistant football coach and head track coach. My current teaching job is the district wide Performance and Wellness Coach. My job responsibilities include working with the districts six elementary school's gym classes, two middles school's gym classes and the high school's sports teams on movement and performance.

March 28, 2023

Racing, Chasing, & Timing | Brad Fortney

S2 #21. Thanks for listening to episode 21 of season two on The "I" in Win podcast . This episode features, Brad Fortney , who is the performance and wellness coach for Enterprise City Schools District in Alabama. In addition...

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