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Ryan Kirkorsky

English teacher/Basketball Coach

I'm in my 27th year as a high school English teacher and girls basketball coach. I taught for two years in a middle school, 2 years at Larkin High School, 12 years at Elk Grove High School, and I'm currently in my 11th year at Rolling Meadows High School. I've coached every level of high school basketball. I was the head coach at Elk Grove for four years and I'm in my 11th year as head coach at Rolling Meadows. I live in Arlington Heights, IL and I'm married to Sarah (a former basketball coach) and have two sons, Bryce and Cameron.

Feb. 14, 2023

Where Standards, Commitments, and Joy Meet | Ryan Kirkorsky

S2 #15. Thanks for listening today! REALLY appreciate you sharing the show with those who may find value, so please continue to spread the news of The "I" in Win podcast, which is the show that focuses on people rather …

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