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Tayler Erbach

Director of Operations

I spent 10 years in the education and coaching world. Once I started having my own kids it was time for me to find an avenue that allowed me to focus on them a little more. I have now made the transition from teaching kids in a PE setting about the importance of physical fitness to helping adults achieve their own personal fitness goals. Manduu is a personal fitness boutique fitness concept that uses electrical muscle stimulation to enhance the amount of muscle breakdown in a shorter amount of time. Nationally, there are 16 locations now up and running (3 in the Chicago area). Although my day-to-day work is very different than it was in the education world, my philosophies have remained the same. People, service, and happiness make the difference. A motto I have slowly learned to commit to is #+1be5. The significance of this is that as long as you remember to go the extra mile and closely monitor everything you learned when you were 5 there will always be a path to success.

Nov. 8, 2022

+1Be5 w/Tayler Erbach

#52. Season two continues with a guest I've known for years. He's gone from my coaching adversary to trusted assistant, and most …

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