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Brandon Kreczmer guest appearance

I really enjoyed being able to hear Brandon's aspect of being an assistant coach. I interviewed Coach Hendrickson at the beginning of last season and I believe that both coaches have a great off the field philosophy.

Listen To Create Impact

Luke Mertens has a way of bringing out the best and what you as a listener want to hear. We crammed a lot into 39 minutes and I know we brought value through Luke's line of questioning. Make sure you listen in to all of his podcasts

Inspiring Podcast!

The host and his guests share great insights into leadership and culture that stem far beyond the classroom or playing field. In a “what have you done for me lately society,” these viewpoints are a breath of fresh air. Keep up the great work!

Above Everything, It’s About the Players

I was very fortunate to be a guest on Luke Mertens’ podcast, The “I” in Win. I have been a guest on a number of podcasts, but Luke’s was the best. He does his homework on researching the background of the guest, so the listeners can evaluate his/her credentials. He clearly articulates the theme of the podcast at the beginning of the conversation. His questions stay with the theme and get right to the heart of the matter. His response to the guest’s answers are very insightful. Finally, his podcasts are easy listening because he makes them as simple as two people having a conversation. I highly recommend tuning in to The “I” in Win podcasts as I am sure you will find them both informative and enjoyable.

Great podcast!

Love this podcast! It’s not only rewarding for teachers or coaches, but anyone who listens. Positive leadership tools and life lessons from every episode!

Great tools for those looking to lead

I had the distinct pleasure of being coached by Luke as a freshmen in 99/00 at St. Pats. He was always one of my favorite coaches within my athletic career growing up and I followed his career via social media and this pod. His success both on and off the field have been fun to watch and to have this pod is like a look behind the curtain to what makes him tick. The questions he asks are hard hitting and the content and guests are very inspirational for someone looking to transition to a leadership role professionally within education. His passion is undeniable and his eagerness to grow and share his experiences is contagious. Truly one of the best sources for content IMO and just an all around great source for knowledge and insight on what it takes to become a successful leader. Keep up the good work!

How a Mindset for Mastery Will Lead to Positive Change in Your World

I thought this was the best one yet! I needed to hear a strong positive message. All the episodes have been great, but Ryan Harris has many powerful messages in this episode. I really enjoyed Ryan talking about how servant leadership creates long term mindful success. This is a must listen and needs to be shared. We need more people like this in the world.

The “Ted Lasso” of podcasts!

This podcast gives me sincere hope that there is still good in this world and that we can develop our youth into well-rounded, successful leaders of our future!

Just What We All Need Right Now

Loving the positivity in this podcast. What a crazy, negative world we live in - especially since Covid hit. It’s hard to get uplifting news anywhere but on this podcast, we finally find some light. Well done!

Must listen!

First podcast I’ve heard in a very long time that caught my attention and got me to listen to all of the episodes in one sitting. We need more positives in our daily lives and this podcast brings it home in a big way. JT Curtis? Coach Heidcamp? Cathyann Smith Hall of Famer? Wow, the guest list is incredible and the content so relatable. Fantastic job. Can’t wait for more.

What we need

As someone who has used past sport experience in many walks of life this is a fantastic and validating series of leading from the front and permitting ourselves to be human. Incredible listens.

I’ll keep listening for sure!!!

This is fantastic!!! I love this podcast, especially for people in leadership positions! However, you can apply this to things other than sports, really all facets of life!! I’ll definitely keep listening!!

Great message, even better man.

If you are interested in football, leadership, winning, teaching or just need optimistic message this is the podcast for you. Listen, reflect, share.


In a time where we have much uncertainty, it is refreshing to listen to various approaches to coaching skill and building character as we work towards a better tomorrow by focusing on the present.


Coaching, work, parenting, relationships. It doesn’t matter what you apply this podcast to, the leadership skills being discussed here can help drive anyone to be better than they were the day before!

Coaching Gold

This is a podcast that all coaches should be listening to. Developing high achieving individuals leads is the job, the by product is greater team success.

Inspirational Podcast

Great listen. I look forward to hearing more of this talk. We need more of this positivity in our environment.