Great tools for those looking to lead

I had the distinct pleasure of being coached by Luke as a freshmen in 99/00 at St. Pats. He was always one of my favorite coaches within my athletic career growing up and I followed his career via social media and this pod. His success both on and off the field have been fun to watch and to have this pod is like a look behind the curtain to what makes him tick.

The questions he asks are hard hitting and the content and guests are very inspirational for someone looking to transition to a leadership role professionally within education. His passion is undeniable and his eagerness to grow and share his experiences is contagious.

Truly one of the best sources for content IMO and just an all around great source for knowledge and insight on what it takes to become a successful leader.

Keep up the good work!

Feb. 16, 2022 by Chenzo85 on Apple Podcasts

The "I" in Win