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Jim Tressel Explaining the Impetus Behind His "Winners Manual"

"How Inner Satisfaction of Developing People Leads to Winning Championships" Episode 16 of #TheIinWin podcast featuring Jim Tressel. 🎧

Coach Tressel was the head football coach at Youngstown State and Ohio State. At the young age of 32, Coach Tressel was hired to turn around the football program at YSU, and he decided that he first needed to teach his players what winning meant - not only on the field, but more importantly in life. So in 1986 he created The Winners Manual that center around guiding his players to be able to answer this important question: “If the game of life ended tonight, would you be a winner?”

Using The Winners Manual as his foundation, Coach Tressel won over 240 games, 5 national championships, and 7 conference titles in his 25-year head coaching career. More importantly, he helped his players be winners in life.

In episode 16, Coach Tressel discusses:
✅ The impetus behind The Winners Manual
✅ How training winners translates to winning on the field
✅ Separating what we do from who they are

In the Prologue, Coach Tressel states, “It is my sincere hope that this manual will be helpful in your pursuit of excellence; that it will provide important tools you need to succeed; that during difficult times when you feel like giving up, you will leaf through this book and find something refreshing or something that ignites a fire to keep you going” (Tressel XV). Well The Winners Manual has been just that for me and think it can be for you too.